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Giving Students Control in an Online Virtual Classroom

Giving Students Control in an Online Virtual Classroom

Teachers can have a difficult time giving up control in a traditional classroom. When the teacher is also seen as the tech go-to person in an online learning environment, giving up control of the whiteboard, microphone, and video/picture posting abilities can be even more difficult. Since the goal of teaching is for students to learn, however, giving up control is essential to student success. 

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The Whiteboard

When students can explain their questions or their answers using the whiteboard, other students have a better chance to learn from each other. This opens up the opportunity to increase their learning possibilities from sources other than the teacher. Students who learn by seeing and by doing will benefit from using the whiteboard to explain their meanings and to understand what others are saying. 


The teacher’s voice is the driving force of any class. However, students can also learn a great deal from each other. Open up the microphone during the lesson to let students ask each other questions, to have a discussion, or to answer each other’s questions. It provides students who learn by listening to increase their knowledge as well. If you teach a language, giving students the opportunity to speak to each other helps them practice new words and grammar concepts, for example. 

Video/Picture posting

Sometimes pictures speak a thousand words. Even though you post pictures to explain a concept, teaching students to post pictures or videos to help them explain themselves empowers them to explain their thoughts more clearly to you and the rest of the class. Returning to the language-learning classroom, if a student cannot think of a particular word in the target language, she can post a picture to show you and the other students the word of which she is thinking. 

When you let your students have some more control over the classroom’s technology features, you take on the role of guide and facilitator. You are still the “teacher,” but you have elevated your position to that of a leader who helps students figure out ideas on their own. Taking a bit of a backseat to directing the class can be just what your students need to learn more efficiently.

BrainCert Virtual Classroom provides the essential features needed for seamless synchronous and asynchronous collaboration capabilities between presenter (teacher) and attendees (students). 

Our cloud based high performance software offers a variety of features designed to help you reach larger audiences in the classroom, create engaging viewer experiences, and offer unique audio/video/chat services along with multiple interactive whiteboards. The bottom line – BrainCert Classroom Engine offers exceptionally collaborative and interactive virtual learning experience to engage audience anytime and anywhere. 

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