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BrainCert launches FREE Online Whiteboard tool eduWEAVER

BrainCert launches FREE Online Whiteboard tool eduWEAVER

While some of us are old enough to remember chalkboards with real chalk, I think it’s safe to say that those dusty things have been permanently relegated to the attic of memory at this point and that’s because one thing has appeared to take their place: the whiteboard.

For startup founders, the whiteboard holds a special place. It’s where we brainstorm, where we scribble notes, where we tape up our post-its. Walk into the office of any startup and I guarantee you will spot at least one – if not ten – whiteboards.

If you’re looking for a way to recreate the whiteboard experience virtually, meet the White Label Whiteboard from eduWEAVER. A cross between those old school paint programs you played on as a kid and a standard whiteboard, the whiteboard from eduWEAVER is a virtual space for all of those important notes that need to get out there but don’t necessarily need to last forever.


Click here to launch the whiteboard

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