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How to teach using our online whiteboard?

How to teach using our online whiteboard?

If you are an online teacher, you will definitely find online whiteboard as an incredibly useful tool for online tutoring. As whiteboards are online collaboration tools and a staple of face-to-face classrooms, these were perfect for online tutoring. Knowing the methodology of using online whiteboard will make your online classes more interesting and gives participants an engaging learning experience.

What is an online whiteboard?

Online whiteboard help teachers and students to collaborate each other in real time over the internet. These whiteboards can be accessed over any device. Teachers can have a control on who joins the class. Lesson materials can be displayed over the whiteboard and this might include even audio or video. Also online whiteboard helps to engage meeting enabling you to write, draw and even play videos. With online whiteboard the possibilities for collaboration are endless.

How to use our Virtual Classroom whiteboard?

Our Virtual Classroom whiteboard is a tailor-made solution catering to the needs of teachers. Below is the step by step process on how to use our whiteboard for online tutoring at ease.

Step 1 : Schedule your online class

Step 2 : Launch your online class

(Note: If you are not sure about scheduling and launching online classes, then click here to do so)

Step 3 : Once you have scheduled and launched your online class, you will be taken to our Virtual Classroom session where you can see our whiteboard toolbar and play around with the same.

Our whiteboard common features:

  • Text:

This tool makes writing on the whiteboard easy. This tool helps to insert text, click on this and start typing text where ever you want on the whiteboard. You can customize font type and font size from the available options.


  • Emoticons:

This tool helps to insert emoji's wherever you want on the whiteboard.

  • Eraser:

This tool helps to erase or delete elements on the whiteboard area.

  • Latex:

Our LaTeX Equation Editor helps to create and display complex LaTeX math equations.


  •  Grid lines:

This tool helps to apply a grid on a whiteboard and it widely helps for a mathematics or economics class.

  • Line tools and shapes

Powerful line tools and advanced shapes such as triangle, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon, cylinder, cube, cone and other shapes in the whiteboard makes it easy to deliver any type of creative and educational training online.

    line tools and shapes
  • Pencil tool

You can either write or draw with pencil tool.

  • Highlighter

This tool highlights content over the whiteboard.

  • Select tool

This tool helps to select objects to edit, move or delete.

  • Document reader and annotation tool

This tool helps to open the document files (this includes pdf, doc, csv, xls,ppt etc.,) over the whiteboard area. You can choose files from our content library, from your computer or even upload it from cloud.

documents reader

  • Cloud Media player

This tool helps to play video over the whiteboard area. You can either copy paste the video link and click on play or play videos from content library.

  • Image Tool

You can upload the images from your computer over the whiteboard area using this.

  • Stroke color

Helps to change the stroke color of an object.

  • Stroke size

Helps to change the stroke size of an object.

  • Undo action

Helps to undo the action over the whiteboard.

  • Redo action 

Helps to redo the action over the whiteboard.

  • Save & load whiteboards from cloud storage

You have an option to save the specific whiteboard tab to cloud storage and load it in any whiteboard tab and in any live class session. This is a great way to quickly show the whiteboard tab without repeating the same content again in another class.

  • Export whiteboard tab as PDF or image file

    With this feature you can even export the whiteboard session as PDF or an image (JPEG) file.



    Wolfram|Alpha gives you access to the world's facts and data and calculates answers across a range of topics, including science, nutrition, history, geography, engineering, mathematics, linguistics, sports, finance, music... all right inside the whiteboard.


  • Multiple Language

Force interface language in specific language to all attendees with a click of a button or allow attendees to change the interface language to their mother tongue. This intuitive and powerful feature allows you to offer over 50 human translated languages to your attendees.


  • Multi Screen Sharing

Highly intuitive HTML5-based Group Screen Sharing in HD allows instructors and students to share their computer screens in tabbed whiteboard interface. Instructor can easily switch between multiple screens that are color coded for identification.


  • Retain document zoom level over the whiteboard area

This intuitive feature allows navigating back and forth by collaborating with uploaded documents on the whiteboard maintaining the same zoom level set. Furthermore, the document toolbar can be dragged anywhere over the whiteboard area that offers better user experience.


How do you benefit from using our online whiteboard?

You will gain the following benefits using our whiteboard

  • Enhances collaboration

  • Improves learning experience

  • Helps to structure lessons at ease

  • Provides engaging and fun learning environment

  • Save on your teaching costs

  • Flexible Scheduling

With the above mentioned array of features, our whiteboard would definitely be a best companion in your online teaching. You can request for a free demo here to explore our whiteboard features.

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