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Version 1.23
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BrainCert Virtual Classroom is tailor-made to deliver live classes, meetings, webinars, and conferences to audience anywhere!

BrainCert's "virtual classroom" functions in nearly the same way as a traditional physical classroom - providing students with a place to access live or recorded class sessions and participate face-to-face in high-quality audio and video conference along with multiple interactive whiteboards.

Schedule Live Classes, Collect Payments, Record Sessions - all from within your own Joomla website.  

Older versions

Version Description File Size  

= 1.23 =

  • Added live class description
  • Added DatePicker and Time picker while scheduling the live class
  • Fixed minor design issues with the latest version of Joomla! 3.10.2
2.8 MB Download
= 1.21 =
* Fix minor issues
* Fixed issues with installing plugin in latest Joomla versions
2.78 MB Download
1.19  = 1.19 = * Fixed error when using discount coupons during payment checkout process. 2.8 MB Download
1.18 = 1.18 = * Fixed minor field validation for the max number of attendees when scheduling a class. 2.8 MB Download
= 1.17 =
* Allow teacher to enter class 30 minutes in advance. Added "Enter to Prepare Class" button to join class.
2.8 MB Download
= 1.16 =
* Introducing new enhanced recorder (isRecordingLayout=1) to record entire browser tab
2.8 MB Download
= 1.15 =
* Fixed minor errors
2.8 MB Download
= Merged 1.12 and 1.13 minor versions to new 1.1.4 version =
* Fix minor issues
* Allow entering 'coupon code' during checkout process of the shopping cart
2.8 MB Download
= 1.11 & 1.10 combined =
* Fix minor issues
* Fix "Allow attendees to change interface language to correctly select Yes/No option
* Fix minor menu related issues
2.8 MB Download
= 1.9 =
* Introduced new option to cancel both one-time and recurring classes. With recurring class schedule, you can cancel current class in the recurring schedule or all classes in the recurring schedule.
2.8 MB Download

= 1.8 =

* Introduced option "Allow instructor to control recording" when scheduling the live class. Now, you can take away the option for the instructor to stop recording during a live session. This ensures recording is always produced for the entire class duration.

2.8 MB Download
= 1.7 =

* Support for WebRTC in macOS and iOS devices using Safari 11 browser. 
* Introduced support for all new API calls such as auto recording and multiple/single recorded videos
* Introduced options menu with several new features for classes to manage classes easily
* Added support to invite user or group to a class
* Introduced HTML5 video player to view and manage class recordings
* Published class recordings from the backend will now appear in the frontend class details page and all enrolled students to the class can view the recorded videos.
* New class details page with permanent link to the class that can be shared by email or in social media.
* Fix issues with scheduling recurring classes
* Introduced option to enable or disable private chat feature
* New feature to assign specific teacher to a class when scheduling a class
* Integrated 'Class Attendance Report' that shows you wide variety of useful data such as duration, time in/out, and attendance report about your attendees along with an interactive graphical layout that can be exported.
* Replaced HighCharts with a new chart system for attendance reports
* Fixed PayPal related error such as "The amount is invalid" during checkout
* Fixed incorrect countdown timer for upcoming classes
* Optimized code and fixed few other minor issues

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1.6 Changelog
  • Fixed several minor issues
  • Support for external domain and SSL certificate mapping
  • Improved backend query for timezone conversion and loading time
  • Removed restriction for PM/AM classes that previosuly was giving error message "Classes cannot continue to next day"
  • Added support for both HTML5 Virtual Classroom ( Flash version (
  • Added support for global datacenter server selection using isRegion API call
  • Added support for auto record sessions using isRecord=2 API call
  • Added support to load only whiteboard or entire app with audio/video, and group chat using isBoard API call
  • Added search filters in component for classes, pricing schemes, discounts, etc.,
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Added support to schedule recurring classes based on specific day of the week.

'Recurring classes' is a powerful feature to schedule your live classes that repeats daily, weekly, or monthly. We have introduced a weekly scheduler for your classes that can repeat on a selected day of the week automatically.

Snip20151018 5

702.68 KB Download
  • Launch URL now opens without iFrame as it is causing issues with audio and video.
1.98 MB Download
  • ​Fixed system errors like notices and warnings in Joomla 3.0
  • ​Fixed pagination issue from 'list classes' view​
1.99 MB Download
1.2 Version 1.2 Changelog
  1. Added support to launch Virtual Classroom using iframes without showing API URL.
  2. Minor fixes and enhancements
1.99 MB Download
1.1 Changelog
  1. Minor fixes to launch shopping cart
  2. Fixed class launch issues in frontend
  3. Changed to shows encrypted URL of class for security reasons
1.99 MB Download