Allowing students to 'Pause' and 'Resume' test session

Instructors can allow students to "Pause" and "Resume" test later by editing the test and set "Yes" to both the following options:

  • Allow user to 'Resume' test session
  • Allow user to ‘Pause’ the test

E-Learning Platform

Enterprise LMS

  • Allow user to 'Resume' test session - This setting is to enable 'Resume' feature. When student's accidentally close the window or a browser timeout happens, they will get a chance to re-take the test from where they left off.


  • Allow user to ‘Pause’ the test - This setting enable students to pause the test at their own will. Pausing the test will freeze the test timer. Please note that this only works for 'Standard' and 'Partial-Scoring' tests and will not work for 'Adaptive' scoring.



When a test is 'Paused', scoring is not possible. Students are presented with the following options:


When students leave the platform and come back later, they will have the option to resume the test where they left off. The timer will start from the exact moment it was paused last time.

Date Created
2019-06-09 18:54:11
Date Updated
2019-06-09 19:03:50