[API] Setting up recording webhook and e-mail notification

In API dashboard, you have the option to setup a recording webhook and e-mail notification. The API endpoint pings this URL specified here after a class recording is processed and automatically posts parameters such as &roomId=123&recordId as part of the URL specified above, so you can do some post-processing at your end.

Recording Webhook

In the URL field, select http:// or https:// from the dropdown and type your complete path to the parser file in your website. The API endpoint automatically posts parameters such as Room ID and Record ID so you can do some post processing and populate dashboards at your end.

Your webhook should read raw data from the request body. You will get the data in JSON format.

Following is example for PHP:
$json = file_get_contents('php://input');

E-mail Notification

You may also setup a notification template with a list of email address where you would like to receive a notification when recordings are available.

Click "Edit email template" to customize the template text. Separate multiple email address by a comma and use variables such as {username} and {classroom-title} in the message body to automatically substitute with the relevant information.

Click Save button to apply your changes. Now, do a quick 5 minute recording and test the webhook and notification emails.

We recommend looking at the following KB note to play recorded videos directly in your website using media players such as JWplayer and Video.js:

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