How do I add live class to my course?

You can add live classes to your course with a click of a button.

Using course options

Under course options (gear icon), click on "Add Live Class" option to add the live classes created using Virtual Classroom scheduler.

This will open a new page with the list of all the live classes under your account. Simply click "Add to course" to add the classes to your course. You can assign the same classes to multiple courses as well from the course options.

Using live class options

You can also add live classes to courses from "Manage Live Classes" page under Virtual Classroom.

From students perspective...

Students enrolled in your course will have full access to the live classes assigned to that course. Students can see the list of all the classes, and join the session when the class is live. All students enrolled in the course will have access to the recorded classes that are published. See recording live classes KB note for more info.

When students open the course landing page, class management block is available with the list of all the assigned live classes.

'Launch' button will be visible when the class is live. Recorded sessions for past classes can be accessed as well.

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