[LMS] How do I create a course in LMS?

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create an online course in Enterprise LMS product offering.

Sign in to your LMS instance to see the "Create a Course" link on the left navigation based on the roles and permission assigned to you by your administrator.

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Step 1

This brings up Add Course wizard as shown below.

Course Wizard

Start with your Course Title. This should be catchy to attract your students. For example, 'How to be a Mango Seller'.

Manage Courses

Now, you are presented with an option to type a course subtitle which further emphasizes the purpose of your course. For example, 'Sell Mangoes in 3 easy steps'.

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Upload a relevant image for this course, or you can pick an image from BrainCert Library.


Set the instructional level of the material in your course.
Instructional level

Type the relevant text in the About the course and About the instructor text editor area.

Step 2

You can add link from YouTube or Vimeo as promotional video for your course. You can also pick and choose uploaded videos from your content library.

Manage Courses

Add few pointers as couse highlights to attract new students.

course highlights

Select an appropriate category and language for this course.

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Type comma seperated keywords to further optimize showing it in search results.

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Step 3

Choose options Free or Paid to deliver your courses online. When you select "Paid", you will be presented with the currency options to receive payment.

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For more info on multiple currency support, check this blog post.

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Finally, click the Save option under STEP 3 to save your course.

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You can manage all your courses in courses page.

Manage Courses

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