How does recurring class scheduler work

BrainCert supports scheduling recurring classes that can repeat automatically without the need for creating multiple classes.

For example, to setup a recurring class on selected days like Tuesdays and Thursdays, select "On selected days" from the dropdown.

Click on 'Tue' and 'Thu' as shown below to make the class repeat on these specific days.

Next Class Example

Let's say you have scheduled a class on a Saturday starting at 5pm EST. The recurring class setting is to repeat the class 6 days a week starting at 5pm EST everyday (Monday-Saturday).

The class will return 'Launch' button for today's class when the clock turns 5pm. Simply refresh the page if you don't see the launch button.

The time on our test computer now is 5:02pm EST. One thing to keep in mind is that the class had already started at 5pm EST. The scheduler will now return the next upcoming date and time. In this case, the class repeats 6 days (Mon-Sat). Now, it had gone past Saturday's start time, you will see the next available class date as Monday at 5pm EST.

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2017-06-10 17:27:44
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2017-06-10 17:31:43


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