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How to create and deliver test completion certificate online?

BrainCert offers an intuitive drag-and-drop certificate designer tool to easily customize and award certificates to test takers upon successful completion of your tests.

Certificate Selection

1) In your test management page, click on the options icon and choose 'Add Certificate'


2) This brings up the certificate selection page. Select the desired certificate template.


3) You can also upload your own certificate template from your computer by clicking on the 'Browse' button.


4) Make sure the following checkbox is selected to allow students to download this certificate after passing the test.


Certificate Designer

Click on certificate thumbnail from the selection page as shown above to enter the certificate design area. Every certificate can be individually customized based on the certificate template selected.

BrainCert populates the student's name, test name, and test score in the certificate automatically using tags. Some of the supported tags are {StudentName}, {TestName}, {TestScore}, and {CompletionDate}.

You can also upload your company's logo or signature image.


You can drag and move the text and image blocks inside the certificate template to change the position. You can also preview the actual certificate output by clicking on "Preview Certificate" button and generate a high-quality PDF certificate.


Click on the 'Save' button to save the changes made.

Here is a sample certificate generated in PDF format:

Date Created
2015-11-17 23:14:50
Date Updated
2015-11-22 10:05:19


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