HTML5 Screen Sharing

BrainCert's HTML5 Screen Sharing solution allows you to share your full desktop screen or specific applications in HD without installing any additional software such as Java. Unlike Java or Flash, HTML5 uses a completely different approach, using pure code to generate the interactive content. This means that the elements are not pre-made in an exact form and stored, but rather have their characteristics coded and have the browser render the actual content when the page is loaded.

HTML5 Screen Sharing works only with HTTPS protocol. So, if you are using Enterprise LMS product offering, the classroom automatically launches in secure LMS subdomain URL to have this functionality turned on.

Instructors would need to use either Chrome or Firefox browser to start screen sharing. The attendees can be on any browser to see the shared screen.

Click on the 'Share Screen' icon in the Virtual Classroom to start the screen sharing application:

Share Screen


In the popup, choose 'Entire Screen' or specific applications to share your screen with your attendees. If this is the first time, it will ask you to install a chrome browser extension to enable this feature.

Share Screen Popup


Screen Sharing is supported in Firefox browser 33+ and above. This application works differently in Firefox. The very first time you click on the screen sharing icon in the Virtual Classroom, it will prompt you to install BrainCert's Firefox extension for screen sharing. After you have installed the browser extension, sharing your desktop and applications is a piece of cake.

Firefox Screen Share

The shared application will be streamed in HD to all your class attendees right in the browser itself.

Desktop Sharing

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