Setting up Subscriptions and Recurring Payments for your courses, tests and live classes

E-Learning Platform Enterprise LMS

Recurring payments let you sell subscriptions to access your courses, tests, and live classes that are billed and delivered monthly or yearly.

BrainCert supports recurring payments with PayPal and Stripe payment gateways. Before getting started, make sure to read the following articles to setup your payment gateway.

Payment Gateway

Supported Payments

Recurring subscription

Recurring subscription

Recurring subscription

Creating One-Time and Recurring Subscriptions

It is recommended to read the following KB note to understand how to create shopping cart and discount coupons.

Follow these instructions below to create recurring subscriptions for your courses, tests or a live virtual classroom classes:

1) Select 'Shopping Cart' from your course, test or class options.

2) Click on "Add Pricing Scheme" button to create new one-time or subscription item to sell.

3) To create 'One-Time' payments, add your price amount and number of days you would like to give access. Click on the 'Lifetime' checkbox to give unlimited access to student and save your settings.

4) To create "Recurring Subscription", add your price amount and select subscription type either monthly or yearly and save your settings. You may create both monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Revenue Reports

You can use revenue reports to see information about your customers' orders based on by purchase date, one-time or recurring payment, or payment method such as Stripe or PayPal.

E-Learning Platform Enterprise LMS
Go to Membership Dashboard and click on 'Revenue report' tab to see customer orders.

Go to "Account & Settings" --> "Revenue Reports" left navigation and click on 'Site Orders' tab to see customer orders.

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