What is the difference between E-Learning Platform and Enterprise LMS?

BrainCert offers 2 different platforms tailored to suit your needs.

E-Learning Platform is best suitable for people who want to teach and collaborate online. You can create, sell, and share courses, tests, contents, and live classes with your students in the marketplace. You can use the "Teacher accounts" to invite anyone to contribute and manage your courses, tests, and live classes. Use Virtual Classroom to deliver live classes, webinars, and conferences that engages audience anytime and anywhere!

BrainCert's Enterprise LMS is a feature-rich learning, and teaching platform to run a versatile online training and collaboration program for your students, employees, or customers with real time tracking of training results. This complete white-label solution allows you to easily rebrand Enterprise LMS with your own logo, domain, users, look & feel, and theme. BrainCert's cloud-based SaaS LMS is fully managed and hosted. Launch your private LMS instance instantly.

Enterprise LMS is role-based, so you can create groups like "Employees", "Customers" etc., and setup courses, tests, and live classes and collaborate securely with granular permissions and access levels. In short, it is a role-based portal that supports granular security.

Follow this link to activate your LMS domain which comes with 15-day free trial. For pricing details, check our Pricing & Plans page (click on 'Enterprise LMS' second tab). The pricing is based on "Active" (concurrent) users who can sign in to your LMS instance at the same time. We can also create a custom plan based on your requirements.

E-Learning Platform

Enterprise LMS

Who is it for? Instructors and Educators Organizations, Schools, and Universities
Method of Access Using main site {subdomain} or External domain mapping
User base / audience Anyone with user account at Create your own users or allow self-registration
Your Own Logo
Custom Branding & Theme
Complete White-label
Your Own Domain
Integrated Social Network
Live Virtual Classroom
Online Courses Platform
Online Tests Platform
Content Management
Integrated E-Commerce
Award Certificates
Secure Video Streaming
Role-based Access Control
User Self-registration
Custom Mail Relay
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Scalable & Secure
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