Mastering Amazon KDP

Proven techniques to increase sales and royalties

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  • Create a compelling, dynamic book product page
  • Choose the right Amazon programs for your situation
  • Leverage Amazon algorithms for greater exposure
  • Fine-tune pricing and royalty structure





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Make no mistake: when it comes to booksellers, Amazon is the 800-pound gorilla. Love 'em or hate 'em, Amazon is the place to find readers—or more specifically—book buyers. Since Amazon is the largest single channel for book sales, it stands to reason that Amazon's KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform should be the cornerstone of any indie author's book marketing efforts.

Whether you're a novice or have already published one or more ebooks on KDP, this course is for you. If you haven't yet published to KDP, you'll learn how to hit the ground running with a compelling presence that will turn browsers into buyers. Even experienced self-publishers will learn invaluable techniques for amping up their product pages to spark an uptick in sales.

We'll look behind the curtain at Amazon, examining their Kindle Select, Author Central, and other programs and components, and crack the code of Amazon's ranking algorithms. You'll learn how to fine-tune your book page for a confident, professional look and feel. Most important, we’ll explode some myths and identify the most effective techniques for ramping up your writing career on Amazon.

About Instructor

Kenneth Foster

Kenneth Foster is the founder of Fictivity Press and has participated in the development, editing, cover design, crowdfunding, marketing, and other related activities for dozens of books.  He has self-published seven books under a pseudonym on multiple platforms.  He has learned everything the hard way and now seeks to help talented authors learn everything the easy way.

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