How to Frame Winning Liberal Messages

Learn the skill of science-based message framing

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  • Frames and Framing
  • Explore worldviews
  • Stop and analyse
  • Drop words, phrases and methods that do not work
  • Roll with a well framed message!





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"Connections Lab offers an excellent introduction to framing for progressives.”
—George Lakoff
, author of THE ALL NEW Don't Think of an Elephant!

Liberals need to change the way we communicate —because what we're doing isn't working.

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While facts and logic—our go-to methods of persuasion—are important, unfortunately they’re not as effective as values and emotions. Built on the work of linguist and cognitive scientist, George Lakoff, and current science in psychology, this course compares how liberals and conservatives see the world and how those worldviews determine and explain their differing policy positions. We offer a method we call Stop, Drop and Roll so you can craft messages with honesty and integrity based on sound science to win today and in the long run.

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About Instructor

Connections Lab

George F. Greene
George has long been a proponent of strategic messaging through psychology and has promoted
framing skills for 12 years. Active in many campaigns he’s also served on the MN DFL (Minnesota's Democrats) executive and
state central committees and been a Congressional District Chair and Associate Chair. A long time board
member of Business Democrats, George also co-founded Small Business Minnesota. George has a BS
in Education from U-Wisconsin Whitewater and did his graduate work in experimental psychology at
U-Nevada Reno teaching sign language to chimpanzees. George was an early pioneer in interactive
educational media publishing, and worked for decades in the media and broadcast industry.

Julie Ethan
Julie has an AS in nursing, a BA in organizational leadership and an MA in peace and justice studies from the Univ. of San Diego. She is co-founder of the Connections Lab helping citizens learn how to craft values-based communications. In addition, Julie Ethan Consulting serves candidates, campaigns and social impact causes looking to improve their message. Concerned about heightened and exploited political mistrust, Julie works to bridge the political divide as a workshop instructor for the Better Angels organization, bringing those of opposing views together in respectful and structured discourse.

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