NON-EU Data Privacy (GDPR) for Computer Literate Small Business

For people who know how to get around a computer system.



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About this course

If you are a Small Business or a Crowd Worker, successfully completing this course will allow you to become and remain Data Privacy Compliant and certified.

If you are outside the EU, that is you are NOT a European Union small business, you MUST be Data Privacy Compliant if you deal with the Personal Data of EU residents at all or you want to work with Controllers that are Data Privacy Compliant, that is the Law.

This is the course for Computer Literate people, it doesn't provide the tutorials and walk-through videos that describe how to apply the System Updates, Threat Management, Data Backups, Anti-Virus, or Remote Device Management, these are known as the Technical Measures. These are required as part of your Data Privacy Compliance. It is assumed that you have a good level of understanding about the practical applications and management of these things in your skill set, perhaps its because you offer computer services on a crowd platform?

You are required to do all the things that this video training series talks about, which includes the application of the Technical Measures to achieve certification and be able to attest to the level of Data Privacy Compliance that is required by a growing number of businesses all over the world.

There are loads of valuable resources that includes forms, charts, posters, documents, and templates in this course and you are welcome to use them to assist your small business to become Data Privacy Compliant.

Who Should Take this Course?

  • Any small business owner that is NOT inside the European Union (EU) that deals with Personal Data.
  • Crowd Workers that are NOT in the EU that deal with Personal Data and need certification for larger Controllers.
  • Any Non-EU small business that is working with other businesses inside or outside of the EU.
  • Business owners that have been asked to attest to Data Privacy compliance, or want to attest to Data Privacy Compliance.

What should you already know?

  • Students should be familiar with how to configure a computer's operating system.
  • Students should know how-to configure and use Anti-Virus, Windows Defender, Backup, Disk Encryption and System Updates.
  • Students should know how to remotely delete mobile devices from associated mobile device websites.
  • You MUST NOT be an business registered in an EU Country. That is, you not an EU Business.
    • If you are registered in an EU Country, then you are doing the wrong course, try this one!

After this course

This video training course is only part of Data Privacy Compliance, there are some other things that you will need to do to get your small business Data Privacy Compliant and Certified.

  1. Complete this training course, learn what is required and get the Certificate
  2. Apply all the Technical Measures to your Computers and Mobile Devices.
  3. Sit the exam and get a passing grade of at least 75% (30 Minutes to complete) Required for Certification and EU Representation with GDPR Forensic Limited.
  4. Complete the EU Representative Application and execute the agreement to become fully Certified.

Data Privacy Compliance is a JOURNEY not a destination, so jump on board and let's go for a ride.

Chapter 1:   Introduction & Getting Started

Chapter 2:   Terms Used In Data Privacy

Chapter 3:   General Data Privacy Compliance

Chapter 4:   User Access Management

Chapter 5:   Passwords And PINS

Chapter 6:   Personal Data Handling

Chapter 7:   Data Subject Rights

Chapter 8:   Email And Website Safety

Chapter 9:   Computers And Devices

Chapter 10:   Incident Management And Resporting

Chapter 11:   Next Steps And Conclusion

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