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Most child care givers (e.g. parents, child welfare specialist, social workers, health professionals, educators, etc.) struggle to keep up with the demands of children’s day to day information as it relates to maintaining hands on accurate record keeping and notes as needed and in doing so can be overwhelming and exhausting to say the least.

The Family Connect 3-IN-ONE Child Care Planner, Calendar & Journal is an incredible intuitive tool, specifically
designed for parents and child care professionals to assist in reducing stress with its all-in-one structured information organizer and planner that provides a weekly layout for an entire year. All centered around your child''s needs that identifies and takes you on a journey of progress, goals and accomplishments.

This planner provides an organized yet user friendly, robust model to keep track of the essential needs for up to 3 children and provides care givers a first line of defense reference source starting from the “General Information” section to the “Journaling” section and everything in between. Enabling care givers to maintain an account of all the child''s personal, health, education, finance... that may be used as a vital and crucial point of reference to share with child welfare specialist, social workers, educators, health & mental health providers, legal counsel just to name a few..

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