2020 i-75 Audit-COMPLETE-91% Pass Rate

Narrated Question Videos, Test Bank and Final Testlets



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The reason why our passing rate is so much higher is that questions that have at least a 90% chance of being asked on the exam will be included in the course. Other courses overwhelm you because they include a 10,000+ question bank but thousands of those questions have a less than 10% chance of being asked and they know it. I make sure that you will not get distracted by outlier questions. As a result, you will have confidence on exam day, and that is worth extra points! The i-75 CPA Review Audit Course includes 50 Hours of Narrated Question Videos, Test Bank, and Testlets. Whether you have other CPA Review material or not, i-75 is a complete review course, no other CPA Review materials needed to pass Audit!

Chapter 1:   Audit Standards and Pre planning considerations

Chapter 2:   Audit Planning and Assessing Risk of Material mis-statement

Chapter 3:   Audit Internal Control

Chapter 4:   Evidence-Gathering and Audit Assertions

Chapter 5:   Audit Sampling

Chapter 6:   Audit Reporting-

Chapter 7:   Audit Ethics

Chapter 8:   Ratio Analysis

Chapter 9:   Audit of Information Technology

Chapter 10:   Audit-Random Testlets and "Best Bet" Video Simulations

Chapter 11:   Amazon Ebook-"Must Know" 75 Questions!

Chapter 12:   Microsoft Excel-For those who need it-special guest presenter-Alaa Abu Dayyeh

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