i-75 BEC-COMPLETE-84% Pass Rate in !st Half of 2019!!

BEC Video Bundle, Test Bank, Video Simulations, 2 Testlets


The i75 CPA Review BEC Course has all the Lecture Videos, Test Bank Questions, and Narrated Simulations that you need to pass BEC in 2019. Whether you have other CPA Review material or not, i-75 is a complete review course, no other CPA Review materials needed to pass BEC!

Chapter 1:   BEC Corporate Governance

Chapter 2:   BEC Ratios and Financial Management

Chapter 3:   BEC Operating and Financial Budgets including Variances

Chapter 4:   BEC Information Technology

Chapter 5:   BEC Managerial Accounting

Chapter 6:   BEC Cost Accounting

Chapter 7:   BEC Economics

Chapter 8:   BEC Risk Management and Hedging

Chapter 9:   BEC-Testlet

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