2020 i-75 BEC-COMPLETE-91% Pass Rate

Narrated Question Videos, Test Bank and Final Testlets


The reason why our passing rate is so much higher is that questions that have at least a 90% chance of being asked on the exam will be included in the course. Other courses overwhelm you because they include a 10,000+ question bank but thousands of those questions have a less than 10% chance of being asked and they know it. I make sure that you will not get distracted by outlier questions. As a result, you will have confidence on exam day, and that is worth extra points! The i75 BEC Course has 50 hours Narrated Question Videos, Test Bank Questions, and final testlets. Everything that you need to pass BEC in 2020. If you have other CPA Review material or not, i-75 is a complete review course, no other CPA Review materials needed to pass BEC!

Chapter 1:   BEC-Testlets and Final Exam Simulations

Chapter 2:   BEC Corporate Governance

Chapter 3:   BEC Ratios and Financial Management

Chapter 4:   BEC Operating and Financial Budgets including Variances

Chapter 5:   BEC Information Technology

Chapter 6:   BEC Managerial Accounting

Chapter 7:   BEC Cost Accounting

Chapter 8:   BEC Economics

Chapter 9:   BEC Risk Management and Hedging

Chapter 10:   AICPA BEC Release Questions May 2020

Chapter 11:   Amazon-Ebook Must Know BEC Questions

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