i-75 2019 REG!

Everything You Need to Pass the 2019 REG Exam!



The i-75 CPA Review Course by Darius Clark has all the Videos, and Practice Tests that you need to pass REG in 2019!

Chapter 1:   Individual Taxation-2019-Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Chapter 2:   Partnership Taxation-TCJA

Chapter 3:   S Corp Taxation-

Chapter 4:   Reg Employee Stock Options

Chapter 5:   REG Multi-Jurisdictional tax

Chapter 6:   REG Federal Securities Laws and Crowdfunding

Chapter 7:   REG Taxation of Property

Chapter 8:   REG-Testlets

Chapter 9:   Legal Liability for Fraud, Negligence, Breach

Chapter 10:   REG Ethics and Penalties Professional Responsibilities

Chapter 11:   C Corp Taxation-2018

Chapter 12:   REG Trusts

Chapter 13:   Estate and Gift Tax

Chapter 14:   REG Business Law

Chapter 15:   Business Structures

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