American Strength Club Powerlifting L1

Basic Powerlifting Coaching Certification

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  • Programming the Swing Block Method
  • Programming for Powerlifters
  • Teaching the Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press
  • Rules of Powerlifting
  • How to coach at a Powerlifting Meet





English (US)

Course Details

In this course, you will learn basic programming for powerlifters as well as how to prepare them for a meet, how to coach at the meet and the general rules of powerlifting competitions. Upon completion of the course and test, you will be mailed your American Strength Club Powerlifting Coach Level 1 Certification.

About Instructor

Jeremy Augusta

Coach Jeremy is the mind behind the science of American Strength Club. With his passion for the science of fitness the members of ASC and the nearly 100 CrossFit and Powerlifting gyms that follow his programming enjoy benefits and results that are not found in other areas of the Country but beyond. Where other programs look at a movement and think that to make it better they have to make the muscle stronger, Coach Jeremy looks at the muscle, how it is made, what controls it, what are the properties of that muscle and how to make you them all stronger individually from a nervous system level. The result comes in the form of nervous system training, the study of motor units, soft tissue training and beyond. Breaking the body down in ways that others don't know how is one of the greatest keys in the pursuit of increasing quality of life while adding years to that life. Jeremy often travels with the famous weightlifting coach, Glenn Pendlay, helping to coach his international camps, seminars and certifications as well as holding his powerlifting seminars and certifications all over the country.


Team USA Weightlifting Level 1

Team USA Weightlifting Level 2

Team USA Track & Field Level 1

Pendlay Certification Instructor

ASC Certification Instructor

Nutrition Certification, University of Pittsburgh

USA Weightlifting Club Coach

Team USA SafeSport for kids

USA Weightlifting referee

Team USA Advanced Development Module

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