PTRO 101: Introduction to Human Needs Psychology and Transformation

Discover how human needs can be transformed!



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Introduction to Human Needs Psychology and Transformation

Authored and Developed by Jessica McCallister, MSW

What you will learn in this course >

This is the FIRST course of a 6-course sequence focusing on basic mastery of the human needs psychology topic. In this first course (PTRO101), you will learn the foundation of the human needs psychology topic as related to human needs transformation (personal development). This information is critical to best understand and become fully aware of before moving on to the next courses in this sequence. What is the Human Needs Psychology model? Why study and learn about this topic? Do you feel like you are just not good enough? Have you always struggled with being and feeling important to yourself and the world? This course will help you establish the foundation needed to successfully progress through the remaining courses in this sequence.

PTRO101 - Human Needs Psychology Course Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Identify why core human needs are critical to address as part of interpersonal transformation
  • Contrast different theorists' perspectives of human needs psychology
  • Articulate all 6 core human needs
  • Determine if you are ready or interested in moving forward in learning more in-depth information about the human needs psychology model and applying the model to your self-development process

Course Prerequisites >

  • There is no course prerequisite for PTRO101
  • You must complete PTRO101 before you can move into PTRO102. You must complete PTRO101 AND PTRO102 before you can move into PTRO103 and so on. The course sequence enrollment costs are displayed below.

How I guarantee you don't pay for any further information you don't want >

For reasons of being genuine and compassion-filled, I DON'T want to sell a complete course at a higher enrollment cost and, therefore, have separated the entire sequence course material into 6 individual courses (see below) as a way for you to feel reassured that you are not paying for any future content that you will not read or enjoy learning about. This first course, PTRO101, is FREE! This course is require to continue forward in the sequence.

If you are 'sold' after this first course (PTRO101), then I invite you to continue learning in the course sequence outlined below (PTRO102-PTRO106) - if you are 'not sold' after the first course, I appreciate being able to share the first course with you and your willingness towards curiosity. Additional courses in this sequence include:

  • Human Needs Drivers (PTRO102) - Enrollment Cost = $10.00USD
  • Certainty/Uncertainty (PTRO103) - Enrollment Cost = $10.00USD
  • Significance/Love and Connection (PTRO104) - Enrollment Cost = $10.00USD
  • Growth/Contribution (PTRO105) - Enrollment Cost = $10.00USD
  • Taking Massive Action for Change (*PTRO106) - Enrollment Cost = $10.00USD
    • PTRO106 Includes (1) FREE BONUS "PTROCoachMe" email-coaching question ($15 VALUE)

A note from the course author >

"I'm so excited you're here attending this first course from PTRO! If you're not familiar with PTRO, it stands for Pull The Roots Out and is a small entrepreneurship venture and vision I've been working on for many years including passing forward my knowledge and expertise through education, serving as a humanistic life coach, and aspiring loving kindness and compassion to others. My life journey continues as your's does, as well - and I truly believe, lovingly, very few reach a full attainment of enlightenment; however, I also believe that throughout our journey we are offered moments, experiences - maybe predetermined, random, or intentional, that continue to shape us into the human we've always known we were..and into the human we've always ached to become.

Perhaps you've been referred to take this course by someone else, clicked a marketing ad re-directing you here, or you've just stumbled upon this course, somehow...whatever reason you're here - is enough reason for me to feel honored, blessed, and inspired. I'm thrilled to have found a platform to share my venture and vision AND hope that your attendance in this course, in some small way, brings you what you need - in this exact moment of your life...a path to help you find your way."

Pull The Roots Out Vision

To inspire courage in others towards taking massive action in their life by addressing deep, interpersonal reflection aimed at reducing emotional, mental, and spiritual pain and suffering

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