BEC- Cram Course!-Add 10 Points in 10 Days

500 M/C, 13 Narrated Video Sims, 2 Testlets and Amazon E-Book


500 Multiple Choice Tests, 13 Narrated Video Simulations, Two Testlets and the Amazon E-Book containing the "Must Know" 75 Questions for 2020. If you want the complete i-75 BEC Course, go to and click on "Complete Courses" and then choose BEC Bundle!

Chapter 1:   BEC Corporate Governance

Chapter 2:   BEC Ratios and Financial Management

Chapter 3:   BEC Operating and Financial Budgets including Variances

Chapter 4:   BEC Information Technology

Chapter 5:   BEC Managerial Accounting

Chapter 6:   BEC Cost Accounting

Chapter 7:   BEC Economics

Chapter 8:   BEC Risk Management and Hedging

Chapter 9:   BEC-Testlet

Chapter 10:   Amazon-E-Book-75 Must Know Questions-BEC

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