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This SAT online video course will comprehensively cover the three tests and the essay that are on the SAT. These include: Evidenced-Based Reading Test, Writing and Language Test, Math Test, and the SAT Essay. As part of this course, you will have the capability to take and score several College Board SATs. In addition, you will be able to review your progress and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your own detailed score reports.

A detailed PDF syllabus can be downloaded here: Tutoring Machines SAT Prep Online Video Course Syllabus.pdf

Evidenced-Based Reading Test

The Evidence-Based Reading chapters of this instructional video course cover strategies and techniques to handle the different types of passages (English Literature, Science, History, and Social Science), as well as comparative passages (two passages discussing different perspectives about the same topic).

Writing and Language Test

The Writing and Language chapters of this instructional video course cover strategies, techniques, and the rules of the English Language that are needed to excel on this test. Students will be equipped with the academic tools to handle the different problem types (Standard English Conventions and Expression of Ideas) in this section of the test.

Math Test

The Math chapters of this instructional video course cover all relevant topics that are tested on the SAT: Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Math, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Additional Topics in Math.

SAT Essay

The Essay chapter of this instructional video course covers the strategies and template to write a high scoring essay.

Diagnostic Tests

Throughout this course, students will be taking real SAT tests that have been administered in the past from College Board to help them prepare for the real SAT. Taking diagnostic tests is a crucial element of test prep. Students will be able to score their tests and generate detailed score reports to help them evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Students should always try their best to simulate actual testing conditions when taking these diagnostic tests. This will help students to build up the mental endurance that it takes to do a 4-hour test.


A detailed PDF syllabus can be downloaded here: Tutoring Machines SAT Online Video Course Syllabus

Our syllabus is a comprehensive account of the materials that will be covered in this course. Please be aware that we do not recommend that students follow a top-down approach to watching the videos. Instead, our syllabus is designed to go through the video chapters in a specific order. You will cover enough material to progressively take diagnostic tests as you progress through this course.

It is highly recommended to follow the syllabus for maximum score improvement. Try not to allow too much time to elapse between video lessons and homework. Doing at least 2 days of video lectures per week is generally a good pace to follow.

Chapter 1:   SAT General Introduction

Chapter 2:   SAT Evidence-Based Reading

Chapter 3:   SAT Writing and Language

Chapter 4:   SAT Math

Chapter 5:   SAT Writing Essay

Chapter 6:   Chapter 6: SAT Practice Tests



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