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  • Test yourself
  • Order of Operation
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Data analysis and Statistics





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Course Details

The course is mainly to increase your ability of solving and also manage your time while you are practicing and testing.

The course will cover the main basics of Algebra and Geometry you need in the test

The Course will give you chance to see more than 500 GAT questions.

Test your self will allow you to evaluate your progress as it is time limited.

Here are some helpful hints for success-in the course :

Find a quiet work space where you can get organized and stay focused, Papers and pencil are very important for writing notes and solving.

Pay close attention to the examples, notes and practices

Choose a lecture that you like , and work through it completely before moving on to another one.

Complete all of the problems on each worksheet. You may solve the even or odd numbers in the practices to save time.

Calculators cannot be used.

Course Content

Chapter 1:   Basics Algebra Concepts

Chapter 2:   Comparison Questions

Chapter 3:   ALGEBRA TEST

Chapter 4:   Geometry

Chapter 5:   Data Analysis and Statistics

Chapter 6:   Test Yourself

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