Maturidi - Module 1.4 Hanafi Fiqh: Janazah (Laws of Funeral Rites)

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Subject: Hanafi Fiqh (Jurisprudence)
Unit Title: Janazah (Laws of Funeral Rites)
Duration/Lessons:7 sessions / +3h30m
Playback Type: PRE-RECORDED
Sanad & Ijazah:Yes (if one completes Modules 1.2-7)
Taught by:Shaykh Atabek Shukurov
Course Text:Nur ul Idah
Text Author:Imam Hasan Shurunbulali


Nur ul Idah is a classical text on Sacred Law (Fiqh). For generations it has been one of the most widely taught texts used to transmit reliable rulings on Islamic Law according to the Hanafi school. It is an ample law book, that covers vast areas of learning. This module will cover the topic of Janazah (Funeral RItes) from Nur Ul Idah. The book delves deep into the Chapter of Janazah to name a few areas that are covered: Funeral rules, Funeral prayer, The one entitled to conduct funeral rites, Burial, Deceased and visiting graves... The seeker will not only study this text to a scholarly level, delving deep into the different opinoins within the Hanafi Madhab and in comparison to other madhabs (Shafi'i , Hanbali etc). But they will also but will also have the chance to obtain a Isnaad (Authentic chain of transmission) for this book going back to Imam Shurunbulali himself. This isnaad is widely known and will give the permission (ijazah) to the seeker to authentically teach the science of Fiqh to others. (Note: The seeker must complete all modules of this text (Modules 2-7) to obtain the Ijazah and Isnaad.

Chapter 1:   Module 1.1

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