Maturidi - Module 1.9 Usul ul-Hadith (Science of Hadith)

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Subject: Hadith
Unit Title: Science of Hadith
Duration/Lessons:-3 sessions / +3h
Playback Type: PRE-RECORDED
Taught by: Shaykh Atabek Shukurov
Sanad & Ijazah:Yes
Course Text: Al-Manzoomah al-Bayquniyyah Mustalah fi Ahl al-hadith wa al-athar
Text Author:Imam Umar TaHa bin Muhammad bin Fatuh al-Bayqun


Matn Al-Bayquniyyah fi Mustalah Al-Hadith (متن البيقونية في علم مصطلح الحديث) is an amazing timeless primer in poetry form which mentions the various classification of hadith. It is a 34 line rhythmic text in the form of poetry which was authored to introduce the hadith sciences to those who do not have prior knowledge of it. It has a broad scope, although in brief format, making it an ideal introductory text for students of knowledge who wish to learn sciences of hadith. This matn is generally memorized because it contains the essential hadith terminologies like ghareeb, sahih, mursal, marfoo and so on. Its rhythmic nature makes it easy to memorize the entire matn. This Matn Al-Bayquniyyah is learned by students of knowledge prior to moving to much detailed texts such as Ikhtisaar Uloom al-hadith by Ibn Kathir or Nukhbatul al-fikr by Ibn Hajar. It is vital for everyone irrespective of which faculty one may want to excel in like fiqh, tafseer,aqeedah etc.

Module 1:   1.9

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