Maturidi - Module 1.12 Arabic Vocab L1

£250 to view, learn and for certification


Module 1.12 - Arabic Vocab L1
£250 to view, learn and for certification (On module / flexible based learning)


Subject: Arabic
Unit Title: Arabic Vocab L1
Playback Type: LIVE
Taught by:Ustada Sonia
Sanad & Ijazah:No
Course Text:Al Shifahiyyah
Text Author:Shaykh Ahmed Maqsoodi


About: The Arabic Language module is based on the study of a text by Shaykh Ahmed Maqsoodi known as Shifahiyyah. This text covers a detailed study of Traditional Arabic (Fus'ha) vocabulary with particular focus on the Quranic and Hadith language style and words. Students learn to construct basic equational sentences and progress quite rapidly and organically to descriptive verb and noun sentences. The text has been studied by Shaykh Atabek himself in his classical Islamic studies during his early years in Uzbekistan and was the foundation to the mastery of the langauge for him.

Learning Instructions: Course is taught online. At the scheduled time please click on the live link below which will take you to the live room the teacher is teaching the course. The system used is a 2 way interactive system and therefore allows other features such as asking questions.

Schedule: Please refer to Calender for all dates. This course is scheduled for Every Tuesdays @ 7.45pm UK Time (tbc) . Duration 45 Min

Module 1:   1.12

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