Maturidi - Module 1.14 Arabic Nahw (Grammar) L1

£250 to view, learn and for certification


Module 1.14 - Arabic Nahw (Grammar) L1
£250 to view, learn and for certification (On module / flexible based learning)


Subject: Arabic
Unit Title: Arabic Nahw (Grammar) L1
Playback Type: LIVE
Taught by:Ustada Sonia
Sanad & Ijazah:No (But Ijazah to teach once certificate is received)
Course Text:Kitab An-Nahw
Text Author:Hifni Nasif, Muhammad Diyab, Mustafa Tammum and Muhammad Salih


About: Nahw is the name given to Arabic Grammar. It pertains to the study of knowing the rules and conditions that determine a words ending and how or when the endings of words change from a particular ending to another. This is an essential module as no student of Arabic can do without knowledge of Nahw. In year 2 the seeker will advance onto a higher level text in the subject of Nahw.

Learning Instructions: Course is taught online. At the scheduled time please click on the live link below which will take you to the live room the teacher is teaching the course. The system used is a 2 way interactive system and therefore allows other features such as asking questions.

Schedule: Please refer to Calender for all dates. This course is scheduled for Every Tuesdays @ 7pm UK Time (tbc) . Duration 45 Min

Module 1:   1.14

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