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The verbal section includes the following.

  • Reading comprehension: Ability to read, comprehend and analyze texts through answering questions based on the content of such texts. .
  • Sentence completion: Ability to fill in the missing parts of short texts to make complete meaningful sentences using deductive and analytical abilities..
  • Verbal analogy: Ability to identify the relation between a pair of words given at the beginning of the test item against a set of pairs given in the choices and determine the matching pair.
  • Contextual error: Ability to understand the general meaning of a sentence, and then identify the word whose meaning is not consistent with the context of the general meaning.

Course Content

Chapter 1:   Test 1

Chapter 2:   Test2

Chapter 3:   Test3

Chapter 4:   Test4

Chapter 5:   Test5

Chapter 6:   Test6

Chapter 7:   Test7

Chapter 8:   Test8

Chapter 9:   Test9

Chapter 10:   Test10

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