Maturidi - Module 2.6 Hanafi Mustalah ul-Hadith (Testing Hadith)

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Module 2.6 Hanafi Mustalah ul-Hadith (Principles of Testing Hadith)
£250 to view, learn and for certification (On module / flexible based learning)


Subject: Usul (Principles)
Unit Title: Hanafi Mustalah ul-Hadith (Principles of Testing Hadith)
Duration/Lessons: -
Playback Type: PRE-RECORDED
Certificate: Yes
Sanad & Ijazah: Yes
Course Text: Hanafi Principles of Testing Hadith & Classical Texts
Text Author: Shaykh Atabek Shukurov


Mustalah ul-Hadith is the science set up by our predecessors and schools of thought. The principles were set up of what to do with Hadith. This difference in the methodology of the different schools of thought results in the difference between their theology and jurisprudence. If you are one of those who have read many traditions attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and are left confused because the hadith seems odd or defying logic, then this module is the module for you to study. It delves into the Hanafi methodology or principles of testing hadith, which is a methodology based on Quran and Logic. For centuries, in nearly all Hanafi institutes around the world, Shafi'i Mustalah has been taught instead of Hanafi Mustalah. This lecture explains why the science has been lost and disregarded. It is a revival of Hanafi Mustalah.

Learning Instructions: Course is taught online. At the scheduled time please click on the live link below which will take you to the live room the teacher is teaching the course. The system used is a 2 way interactive system and therefore allows other features such as asking questions. Please note on 1st lesson you will need to access the course by clicking LAUNCH AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE on the first session.

Schedule: Please refer to Calendar for all dates. This course is scheduled for Every Monday @ 8pm UK Time. Duration 60 Min

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