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Every SKILLS on SATURDAY and TIPS on TUESDAY post from 2014



Signing up for this course gives you access to a year of the weekly ''TIPS on TUESDAY'' and ''SKILLS on SATURDAY'' articles that were originally published on Facebook by Kevin Williams of Survival Skills Rider Training.

As Facebook lacks a decent search facility, it's pretty hopeless as an archive. And that means once a post is more than a week or two old, it's lost in the mists of time. There's also a significant problem with the algorithm that chooses what you see. It's likely that many of my most interesting posts (well, I think they were good, anyway) never made it to your own feed. So collating the posts here allows me to both record them for posterity AND offer you access to articles that you may have read and forgotten, or may never have seen before.

I have a long and varied riding history of my own. My experience as a working rider has allowed me to come up with unique tricks and tips. As a trainer I've always been keen to look at the best ideas from outside the UK, to add new content and adopt those which offer a new and useful perspective on well-known techniques. I think UK rider training has long needed some new ideas and my Facebook page has provided a way of exploring them, and gaining feedback from readers at the same time.

Whilst some of the articles cover well-known areas of existing knowledge, I try to treat them in such as way as to get your brain working. My approach to riding has always been to try to understand errors, and to know where, why and how we and anyone else with whom we share the road can make a mistake. Once we know where mistakes are likely, we can ride with strategies to cope when it goes wrong. Being an ace machine handler rider is less important than being flexible in your thinking. You'll be far better equipped to deal with the challenges of the roads.

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Lifetime access costs just £24.99 per year of archive, which is less than a year's subscription to a typical bike magazine, but for EACH MONTH of the year you'll get eight or more original articles focused EXCLUSIVELY on better riding!

COMING SOON - if you sign up for lifetime access, Survival Skills will make available a PDF download with all the articles for the year, to future-proof you against the closure of this platform. This is currently on the to-do list.


These articles were published on the Survival Skills Facebook page ( Whilst the vast majority of articles were new content, a few also appeared in 'The Road' or on the old Survival Skills blogs on the website or Wordpress. Where I missed an article, there are also a number of totally new 'bonus items'. A few articles have also been republished in a later year. Nevertheless, the vast majority of the articles are unique.


Please not that these articles are written with a UK audience in mind. Therefore references to traffic rules and conventions apply to the UK ONLY (unless otherwide stated, and references to the direction of travel assume the UK's 'drive on the left' rule.

This course suggests a number of practical riding exercises I've designed to help you get the most from the course, which will encourage you to explore some of the things your bike is capable of. Your safety is paramount on these courses so please READ and HEED the safety warning whenever attempting a practical exercise, as well as any other advice that is given within the exercise. Make sure any off-road area you choose for practice is well-surfaced, flat, clear of obstacles including parked cars, other road users, pedestrians and children and is SAFE!

All exercises are undertaken
at your own risk

No responsibility can be accepted for any injury to yourself or any third party as a result of attempting these exercises. Nor can any responsibility be accepted for damage to your own motorcycle, any other vehicle or any property belonging to a third party. You undertake these exercises entirely at your own risk.

If you are not COMPLETELY HAPPY with your ability to try our any of these exercises, please do not attempt them - they are optional! If you have any doubt about your ability to perform these exercises safely, consider getting some professional help.

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