2021 i-75 FAR COMPLETE Course

Narrated Question Videos, Test Bank, Final Review, Amazon E-Book


The i-75 FAR Course is designed to be everything you need to pass the CPA FAR exam! Whether you have other CPA Review material or not, i-75 is a complete review course, no other CPA Review materials needed to pass FAR. 77 Hours of Narrated Question Videos, Test Bank and Final Review Testlets. Also included at no extra charge is the Amazon E-Book of the 75 Must Know FAR Questions!

Chapter 1:   Intro to Accounting for those who need it-or Skip to Ch 2

Chapter 2:   Deferrals and Accruals-2-4 Days

Chapter 3:   Disclosures and Footnotes-FASB Framework, Segments 3-5 Days

Chapter 4:   Accounts and Notes Receivable. 3-5 Days

Chapter 5:   Revenue Recognition Rules-7 Days

Chapter 6:   FAR Income Statement and Accounting Changes. 3-5 Days

Chapter 7:   Cumulative Test Chapters 1-6. 1-2 Days

Chapter 8:   FAR Fixed Assets and Impairments. 3-5 Days.

Chapter 9:   Leases. 3-5 Days.

Chapter 10:   Other Liabilities-1-3 Days.

Chapter 11:   Cash and Cash Equivalents, Statement of Cash Flows. 2-4 Days

Chapter 12:   FAR Bonds-3-5 Days

Chapter 13:   Cumulative Test # 2. 1-2 Days.

Chapter 14:   Stockholders Equity-2-4 Days

Chapter 15:   FAR Marketable Securities and other investments. 2-4 Days.

Chapter 16:   FAR Foreign Currency and Hedging. 2-4 Days.

Chapter 17:   Business Combinations-2-4 Days.

Chapter 18:   FAR-Cumulative Test # 3. 1-2 Days

Chapter 19:   Government Accounting and Reporting. 5-7 Days

Chapter 20:   FAR Not For Profit Accounting. 3-5 Days.

Chapter 21:   Earnings Per Share. 1-2 Days.

Chapter 22:   FAR Accounting for Income Taxes. 2-4 Days.

Chapter 23:   Cumulative Test # 4-Government, NFP, EPS, Taxes. 1-2 Days

Chapter 24:   FAR Inventory-2-4 Days.

Chapter 25:   FAR Pensions. 1-2 Days

Chapter 26:   Comprehensive Income. 1-2 Days

Chapter 27:   FAR Ratio Analysis. 1-3 Days.

Chapter 28:   FAR-Non Monetary Exchanges. 1 Day

Chapter 29:   Cumulative Test # 5, Pensions, Inventory, OCI, Ratios, Non-monetary, ARO's

Chapter 30:   Asset Retirement Obligations

Chapter 31:   Partnerships-Not Currently Listed in the AICPA Blueprint but

Chapter 32:   Amazon-E-Book-Top 75 Questions for FAR

Chapter 33:   Microsoft Excel for those who need it with special guest Alaa Abu Dayyeh

Chapter 34:   AICPA Release Questions May 2020

Chapter 35:   FAR Testlets and Final Exam Simulation Videos

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