PTRO102: Human Needs Psychology - Human Needs Drivers

Human Needs Drivers




Human Needs Drivers

Authored and Developed by Jessica McCallister, MSW

What you will learn in this course >

This is the SECOND course of a 6-course sequence focusing on basic mastery of the human needs psychology topic, more specifically this course covers drivers that inspire human behavior. In this second course (PTRO102), you will have the opportunity to learn healthy and unhealthy drivers that you have been predetermined (since young childhood or early adulthood) OR have chosen AS pathways to the outcome of meeting your human needs.

In a nutshell - this course is designed to inspire you think (and process information) in deep and reflective manners. Yes, this course requires you to dig deeper about your earlier years of your lifespan and to take note of the patterns in your life. Take notes - this is a great course!

Have you wondered why you continue to do what you do? What makes you any different than any other human? What would be the worst thing that would happen if you chose the healthy VW Bug as your driver? In this course, you will be able to discover the two paths that you have always been driving down, and hopefully become more aware of the path in which you have choice to travel.

PTRO102 - Human Needs Psychology; Human Needs Drivers Course Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Explain, in your own words, what transformation means to you
  • Demonstrate understanding of human needs drivers
  • Distinguish the difference between healthy and unhealthy drivers
  • Establish a sense of re-awakening through honest, deep reflection

Course Prerequisites >

  • The prerequisite for this course is PTRO101. Please be sure to complete that course before proceeding to this one.
  • You must complete PTRO101 before you can move into PTRO102. You must complete PTRO101 AND PTRO102 before you can move into PTRO103 and so on. The course sequence enrollment costs are displayed below.

How I guarantee you don''t pay for any further information you don''t want >

For reasons of being genuine and compassion-filled, I DON''T want to sell a complete course at a higher enrollment cost and, therefore, have separated the entire sequence course material into 6 individual courses (see below) as a way for you to feel reassured that you are not paying for any future content that you will not read or enjoy learning about. The first course, PTRO101, is FREE! Be sure to complete PTRO101 before taking this course.

  • Human Needs Drivers (PTRO102) - Enrollment Cost = $10.00USD
  • Certainty/Uncertainty (PTRO103) - Enrollment Cost = $10.00USD
  • Significance/Love and Connection (PTRO104) - Enrollment Cost = $10.00USD
  • Growth/Contribution (PTRO105) - Enrollment Cost = $10.00USD
  • Taking Massive Action for Change (*PTRO106) - Enrollment Cost = $10.00USD
    • *Includes (1) FREE BONUS email-coaching question through ($15 VALUE)

A note from the course author >

"If you've chosen to continue attending the PTRO courses, I am beyond humbled! If you are here just perusing this course author note, I hope my note is an enjoyable read! The journey that I have been traveling throughout time has led me to this exact moment in time, and this exact moment in time is leading you to me. The connection that I hope to form with you in the coming weeks, if you continue to move through my PTRO courses, will surface. Connection is s tremendously important part of the work that I also do. Not only in my own life, but with helping others realize the fear associated with deep, meaningful connection and reflection - trust me, I know it's hard work.

The style of my writing and communicating in the upcoming courses is that of an unexperienced writer. Yes, I do have years and years of experience as a scholar, academic, and professional educator - I don't have experience much experience in informal tone. I've lived the academic world for so long that I have a hard time not writing from a technical and objective view, but my view is not technical in these courses. Sure, there are all sorts of links, videos, references to material throughout - my tone is one in which I'm trying to just share with you the most important pieces of the lessons within the courses.

If you've come this far in my course sequence, then I think you are curious as to what the next section of information holds..I hope. My vision is to always inspire others to take massive action in their life, and your reading these words constitutes just that; be kind to yourself and never fear learning. Once you continue through the PTRO102 content, you will be excited to know there is a "Golden Ticket" there...I hope you will learn for yourself just how that "Golden Ticket" can be used by you the rest of your life!


Jessica McCallister, MSW

Pull The Roots Out Vision

To inspire courage in others towards taking massive action in their life by addressing deep, interpersonal reflection aimed at reducing emotional, mental, and spiritual pain and suffering

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