Motor Learning: Integration of Practice Parameters

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This course emphasizes the application of neuroplasticity and motor learning principles in the development of therapy sessions, while using different practice parameters. Focusing on integration of these practice parameters to promote recovery of functional loss following injury based on current evidence based research.

After successful completion of this course you will be able to download a certificate of completion with required course information for 1.5 CEUs. It is up to each learner to verify appropriate documentation needed based on individual state requirements.

Learning Objectives and Goals:

  • Understand the definition of Neuroplasticity and Motor learning
  • Review principles of Neuroplasticity and Motor learning
  • Identify different practice parameters in therapy sessions
    • Intensity
    • Structure: Constant vs Variable
    • Schedule: Blocked vs Random
    • Components: Whole vs Part
    • Spacing: Massed vs Distributed
    • Rehearsal: Physical vs Imagery
    • Augmented Feedback: Knowledge of results vs knowledge of performance
    • Feedback Schedule: Continuous, Faded, Bandwidth, Summary
  • Understand how changing practice parameters can improve patients learning
  • Identify practice parameters that can be modified using the Indego Exoskeleton

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