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Data driven website

The fundamentals of the course is to learn how to create a professional website in which database management is the principle aim.Data driven website usually to have two main sides, clients and the server sides. The client Side can be divided into, guests (front page), dashboard account, Agents (back office) and the admin. The guest side requires a CMS, while the dashboard, the agent and the admin sides are more oriented towards forms and data processing interface. Usually, the data are stored in a database and are made available to the guests, agents and the admin. The guests can do certain determined operations on the database through forms or datagrid. Usually, the actions are described as CRUD; create, read, update and delete. Not always these actions are allowed without levels of permissions and role. In this course, students will learn how to create frontpage interface for data management, how to integrate data management with html , events handling with JQ, JS and Ajax, sever side data processing with PHP, SQL query structures, database CRUD operations, Datagrid, forms, etc. The course also comprises of lessons on how to program PHP language, JS and JQ scripts.

At the end the course, students will be able to develop websites with database implementations, the web based management automation applications, customer account dashboard, back office for e-commerce, payment management applications, CMS database integrated, desktop localhost server database applications, etc.
The course duration is 2 months, organised in three lessons per week, each 90 mins. The lessons can be individual or group, The course is offered with the aid of the virtual classroom, pdf files, video slides, white board, video chat, video sharing, software testing tool, etc.

The contents of the course are the same with Microsoft IT certification course program, Google IT certification course program, Oracle IT certification course program, and many others. This means that at the end of the course, students can sustain Microsoft IT certification exam with 100% success assurance.

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