Baduanjin Qigong

Level 1

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  • Healing movements that create flow in the body
  • Peaceful practices that quiet the mind and ease the emotions
  • Grounding practice that brings participant into the moment
  • Build awareness, interoception and proprioception into your life
  • Learn tools that will build awareness, interoception and proprioception





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Welcome to Baduanjin Qigong!

I'm so excited that you've come along with me to explore this ancient art that is ripe with healing - physical, emotional and mental. You'll find that these three realms (physical, emotional, mental) are not separate so whenever you practice qigong in the way it is presented here, you will be creating balance and wellness in the whole of you!

So glad you're here!

Remember to leave messages with any questions throughout the course, I'll be here to answer them.

About Instructor

Lucy Bartimole

Hey there...just a note about me...I've been practicing martial arts for over 30 years and tried many different styles of Qigong: Dayan, Shiba Luohan Gong, Marriage of Heaven and Earth, 5 Animal Frolics and, of course, Baduanjin - all of which I enjoyed for different reasons. I developed this Baduanjin Course because of it's clearly defined healing aspects - not only for the body, but for the mental, emotional and spiritual healing it can provide. I use the major theories (5 Elements, Yin/Yang, 5 Phases, etc) behind these practices to cultivate living a centered, balanced life.

I find the quiet practices of Taiji, Qigong, and Meditation dissolve the unnecessary babble the creates distress within us.

This practice brings me to my center and unfolds what is truly important: living with an inner smile. It will for you too.

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