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  • Learn the alphabet and sound symbol relationship
  • Learn about self and how s/he learns –learn lessons their way
  • Strong decoding skills – moving from one syllable words to multi-syllabic words quickly
  • Simple sentence construction and punctuation
  • Learn word patterns that teach word pronunciation, spelling and reading fluency





English (US)

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This lesson lays the foundation for learning to read and subsequent lessons.

During this time you will learn the alphabet and sound symbol relationship. Learn vowels, consonants, rules and use. Vowel sounds, multiple syllables and governing rules and use. Strong decoding skills – moving from one syllable words to multi-syllabic words quickly.

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Lesson 1:   Welcome

Lesson 2:   Course

About Instructor

Dr. Bettye Haysbert

Dr. Haysbert provides a simple solution to schools and entities presently working with children outside of the formal school environment, who want to give back and who share her passion and commitment to see people read, with a tool to quickly "teach groups" of struggling readers to read. Her desired partners are businesses/corporations, celebrities, community organizations (faith-based, social), clubs, camps, sports teams, homeschoolers, foundations, mentors, incarcerated or formerly incarcerated, townships in Africa, and other exploited countries.

She skillfully uses her expertise to uniquely integrate curriculum and diverse instructional strategies to optimize learning and empower the learner for change- referred to as Meta-instruction. Dr. Haysbert uses her knowledge of how people learn, of best teaching practices and the role culture plays in learning, to create an environment where learners;

  • Know they are cared for
  • Know they are intelligent and can learn anything
  • Teach each other
  • Learn in their areas of strength
  • Learn their history and culture and
  • Take action to change situations in their lives

Dr. Haysbert is a leading educator in the field of teacher education and school change. She has spent many years training teachers and administrators in school change and effective teaching strategies for all learners.

She has cultivated, over the last 40 years, a very effective reading strategy, “learning to Read Our Way (ltROW)", which has been used in her work with schools and communities, teaching children and adults to read easily and quickly. Because of the high illiteracy rate in the United States and decades of poor education, especially among African Americans and Latinos, she proposes an all-out-assault against illiteracy.

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