The Seven Keys to Job Promotion




If you are not ready for promotion now, then you are ready for retrenchment. There are no two ways about it in the new normal. Be a candidate for promotion. The fourth industrial revolution is sweeping across the globe fast, changing the future of work. The corona virus pandemic is also changing the way we work from year 2020 going forward. Technology and equipment are changing in the workplaces. Business processes and methods are changing in the workplaces. Old business practices are giving way to new business practices. Some totally new positions are created in the process, while some traditional positions are rendered obsolete. New skills are required. Some old skills that used to put food on the table are rendered obsolete. Worse still, companies are streamlining operations in line with what is essential to sustain their missions. They are trimming off excess fat. This revolutionizes the way we interact with equipment, processes, other employees and customers; in delivering quality products and services.

The question is: how do you prepare yourself to fit in the new normal. You can no longer afford to be just a number in the workplace. You have to be known beyond your payroll clock number. The workplace can no longer tolerate mediocrity in the new normal. Each business is forced to operate with essential staff only, no more blotted workforce. What value are you adding to the employer? Is there any consequence of not having you on board? Is the benefit you bring to the company more than your cost to company? You need to add more value to survive in the new normal. Your value is what will save your job or get you promoted or get you a job. If you are ready to be promoted then you have acquired the necessary value to excel in the new normal. The seven keys to job promotion is what you need; whether you are looking for a new job, or saving your current job, or seeking promotion. The seven keys to job promotion will turnaround your career and if you are looking for a job it makes you promotable material before you even get a job; thereby increasing your chances of getting the job in the first place. If you are one of the employees with a burning desire to get promoted, but you have been wondering how you could land that promotion, then this course is for you. If you are one of the employees faced with retrenchment and you have been wondering how you could be the last man standing despite the retrenchment criteria, then this course is for you. If your reputation is bad in the workplace and in the industry and you want to rebrand yourself, then this course is for you.

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