DC1A01: Assayist Training

Assay Toolkit


  • This program is for ordinary people, yet is rigorous.
  • Most ordinary people are not trained to think or communicate rigorously, e.g. as how mathematicians or engineers are trained, yet even engineers, when it comes to human behavior, fail to think rigorously about human interactions.
  • This is a fundamental source of distortion and conflict in any communication, trust, and relationships.
  • This issue is also the “secret sauce” of Coflict, which takes rigorous science and applies it to human behavior. We call this Systems Anthropology.
  • Therefore, it’s necessary for anyone who wishes to find and deal with root causes and systemic conflict to learn a few basic terms and tool operations to perform these function of The-DC assayists.
  • After this training, you’ll be qualified to become anthropologists within your domain (family, friends, work, church, etc.) and dig for root causes and real reduction in trauma and dysfunction (depression, addiction, etc.)


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