Fundamentals of Real Estate Development Process

Learn the streamlined methodology of developing Real Estate


This course will enhance your learning in discovering the streamlined and systematic process on how to develop Real Estate by creating transformational value to achieve a profitable outcome. Property Development is the pinnacle of the real estate value creation process which can be an extremely lucrative endeavor if it's properly executed following a well defined framework.

This course will form the bedrock of the basic knowledge you need to acquire from acquisition, design, construction, all the way to project completion. The content will be delivered in a logical step through each phase of the Real Estate Development Lifecycle and will encompass the various practical applied knowledge, past mistakes, key findings and personal experience from the instructor.

By learning the essential value enhancing concepts and principles of the Real Estate Development Lifecycle, the fundamentals are the key ingredients of a long term profitable outcome.

Chapter 1:   Introduction

Chapter 2:   Who is this Course for?

Chapter 3:   Real Estate Development Lifecycle

Chapter 4:   Acquisition Phase

Chapter 5:   Design & Approvals Phase

Chapter 6:   Tender & Contract Phase

Chapter 7:   Construction Phase

Chapter 8:   Sales & Marketing Phase

Chapter 9:   Titles & Settlement Phase

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