Academic writing in English for International Students (university level)

Complete and hands-on crash course from a top writing expert



Understand the basics of academic writing tailored specifically for English as a Second Language students who are unfamiliar with Western style academic writing in English.

Learn about plagiarism, citation styles, essay structure, and other things that students are required to know at university.

Master the theory about 3 main academic essay types.

Watch detailed follow-along videos of how to write those essays.

Produce 3 original essays of each type on your own.

Achieve academic essay success!

Chapter 1:   Introduction

Chapter 2:   Argumentative (persuasive) essay

Chapter 3:   Unique features and structure of academic writing in English

Chapter 4:   Plagiarism and citation styles

Chapter 5:   Narrative essay

Chapter 6:   Expository essay

Chapter 7:   Concluding tips

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