Creating Beaded Jewelry

The basics of jewelry making with tips and techniques



There are many advantages to learning how to make your own beaded jewelry. On the one hand it is fun. Jewelry making is a popular hobby which allows a person to use their creativity in a pleasant and relaxing manner. There is also a practical part to learning how to make beaded jewelry, since you can create beautiful handmade items for family, friends and why not pieces that you can sell. A beginner jeweler may feel confused on how to get started in this art. This course will present a few tips and tricks that will help you turn your interest in jewelry making into a pleasant and profitable endeavor. It is difficult to create high-quality pieces with low-quality tools. Any beginner should have some basic tools to get started creating their very own beading projects. Investing in the right tools from the beginning will help you create better pieces. Picking the right beads is also an important aspect for any jewelry creator and also one of the most fun parts of developing your own unique style. Gemstones, crystal beads and glass beads offer a more high-end finish for your jewelry, than the cheaper plastic alternatives and the price will also be higher. Higher quality beads are also longer lasting.

Chapter 1:   Introduction

Chapter 2:   The Beads

Chapter 3:   Beading Tools

Chapter 4:   Beading Findings and Supply

Chapter 5:   Bracelets

Chapter 6:   Necklaces

Chapter 7:   Earrings

Chapter 8:   Anklets

Chapter 9:   Sets of Beaded Jewelry

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