English for Advanced Learners

Advanced Grammar, Essay Writing and Public Speaking Skills

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  • Revision on English Tenses
  • Concord and Agreement
  • Confusable Words and Varities of English
  • Essay, Blog and Report Writing
  • Conversational English and Public Speaking Principles





English (UK)

Course Details

This course covers grammar, confusable words, essay, report and blog writing, conversational English, public speaking, varieties of English, etc.

With just N6,000 (about $14) you can join this course and

  • get rid of poor communication skills in English that can pull you down during interviews while seeking for jobs even if your certificates show good grades or a high class of degree.
  • increase your ability to express your views in good English while discussing issues with course mates, teachers, work mates, customers and professional colleagues without embarrassment and frustration.
  • improve your academic writing skills for producing quality assignments, essays, research reports and academic papers.
  • improve your understanding of radio and TV broadcasts, films and other media content produced in English.

About Instructor

Penmark Academy

Penmark Academy for Lifelong Learning provides educational, vocational and business consultancy services in collaboration with other specialists in the areas of English Language, academic and project writing, research methods, online business, entrepreneurship and business administration, etc. Its Director, Sa’idu Sulaiman, is a retired Economics Lecturer with over thirty years teaching experience. He has a professional teaching qualification. He is also a certified TESOL/TEFL English teacher and an author of novels, short stories and a travelogue. He loves gardening and watching documentary films. Read our Terms of Service.

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