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Learn basic and advanced marketing concepts in SharpSpring!


This purpose of this course page is to provide a central area for SharpSpring users to find the information needed in order to successfully complete the certification process. The certification tests will encompass a wide variety of concepts that every SharpSpring agency should be familiar with. Topics include, but are certainly not limited to: Tracking Code, User Accounts,Content Creation, Automation, Lead Scoring, List Segmentation, Sales Pipelines/CRM, Third Party Integrations, and more.

A few select educational resources are available below to be referenced in preparation for and during the certification exam. However, your most valuable resource for information will be found at https://help.sharpspring.com/hc/en-us. Taking advantage of this repository of articles will be key to answering test questions that you are unsure about. You should be familiar with this area of SharpSpring before beginning the certification process. Likewise, many of the answers to the test questions can be found directly from within SharpSpring, if you know where to look!

Chapter 1:   Educational Resources



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