Business Transaction Analysis - Simplified

Analyse transaction & learn 7 golden rules of Accounting

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  • Making the Complicated, Amazingly Simple
  • • Learn how to do Transaction analysis - heart of Accounting cycle by using a very simple format
  • • Understand 7 golden rules of Accounting and the process of preparing financial statements





English (US)

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On completion of this video you should be able to understand the first step in an accounting cycle. Once you master this concept of breaking down any transaction in the taught format, the rest of the accounting cycle will become simpler.

Who will benefit?

· Current student taking a fundamental accounting course in Australia.

· Manager/Senior Manager enrolled in MBA (Executive) program and need some help understanding the basic principle of transaction analysis in an accounting cycle.

· Business owners from non-accounting background willing to know a bit more about what goes behind those MYOB/Quick Books software?

About Instructor


Anish Baheti is the Founder of Concepts Coach ™ (AUS) and Train My Brain ™ (IND) He is a Qualified Chartered Accountant (IND), an MBA in Accounting & Finance (AUS), a Certificate in Life Coaching (AUS), and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (AUS). He is also a Certified Practitioner for Brain Mapping (UK). He specializes in working with business owners, working professionals and senior managers who struggle to understand the Accounting & Finance side of their business/work. He aims to create a unique concept based education/training platform Entrepreneurs & Professionals by helping them understand the logic behind numbers in SIMPLE & easy language.

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