Environmental Awareness Certificate Course

Understanding the Impact of Activities on the Environment



This Environmental Awareness Certificate course has been designed specifically for the Nigerian market. It will help you demonstrate your commitment to the safety of the environment either to potential or current employers. You will learn about the importance of the environment, be introduced to Key Environmental Issues and how environmental management tools and systems help in the management the environment. A certificate of completion will be issued at the completion of the course.


At the end of this course, participants will:

  •  Appreciate and define the environment.
  • Understand the major environmental issues of concern to nations and organizations.
  • Understand the impact of organizations' activities on the environment. 
  • Understand the principles, benefits and tools of environmental management.
  • Be introduced to ISO 14001 EMS


  • Anyone seeking to improve their knowledge of environmental issues.
  • Anyone seeking to demonstrate a commitment to environmental management to current or potential employers.
  • Anyone seeking a certification in an environmental subject.
  • Anyone with a responsibility to implement environmental management at their site and want a quick introduction to get started before enrolling on a longer course.
  • None

Chapter 1:   Course Introduction

Chapter 2:   What is the Environment?

Chapter 3:   Key Environmental Issues

Chapter 4:   Business and the Environment

Chapter 5:   Environmental Management; An Introduction

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