Learn Chinese Online with a Teacher

Introduction Lesson to Mandarin Chinese


Mandarin is the mother tongue of over 870 million people, making it the most widely spoken native language in the world. It is spoken not only by the People's Republic of China and Taiwan, but also by the Chinese communities of Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Mongolia.

At LingoLearn, you'll be able to enjoy all the advantages of a conventional class, along with the geographic and content versatility of a virtual class.  

Our one hour private Chinese lesson is the perfect solution for those interested in having an opportunity to experience our  learning platform at a special price of only $20, with no strings attached. 

The lesson will be instructed by one of our Chinese language teachers, all of whom are highly experienced native speakers, using high quality learning materials.

The lesson's main purposes are:

  1. Evaluation of the student's initial level
  2. Introduction to the Chinese language - letters, basic vocabulary, common phrases
  3. Building a personalized course plan according to the student's level and needs

How it works:

  1. Purchase your 1 hour Chinese lesson for only $20
  2. Within 24 hours of your purchase, our staff will contact you to coordinate your lesson
  3. Following the lesson, we will contact you with information regarding additional courses

Additional Content:

Sample video - http://youtu.be/xyqYH3DTv-g?list=PLY_VSTLrBN4Zzgx7...

Sample material - http://lingolearn.com/learn-languages/learn-chines...

Sample exercise material - http://lingolearn.com/learn-languages/learn-chines...

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