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  • SAP BASIS Introduction
  • SAP Basis infrastructure & Architecture
  • Concepts covering Clients, Transports, Spool, Background jobs, and more.
  • System monitoring & Solution Manager
  • Advanced concepts such as Load balancing, Clustering, and High Availability (HA)



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SAP is the largest enterprise software company of the world. More than 70% of fortune 500 companies run on SAP ERP solutions.

SAP NetWeaver is a collection of tools that lies underneath all SAP Components. You can think of that toolset (more specifically the ABAP and JAVA stacks) as an operating system that sits on top of whatever operating system lies underneath any given SAP component. Many of the activities that an SAP NetWeaver System Administrator does day-to-day are similar to the activities of an OS system admin, a database admin, and/or network admin. The SAP Basis person performs his/her activities from within the SAP software as well as at the OS and DB layers/interfaces.

In a small shop, a typical SAP basis person might do the following tasks: create users/assign roles (within SAP), run backup, check db/os space utilization, add space if necessary, install SAP software, configure SAP parameters, monitor CPU/Memory/disk space/performance, configure connectivity between SAP components or SAP/nonSAP components, configure printing queues/printers, and/or sap software change management (aka Transports or Transport Management). Not an exhaustive list, but you get the idea. For the most part these are all activities that would be familiar to a UNIX/Windows OS admin, a DBA, or a network admin. Most SAP Basis folks start their careers as OS sysadmins and/or DBAs. A smaller number start life as network administrators.

In very small shops, the SAP Basis Admin often wears all four hats (os admin, dba, network admin, and SAP admin). As you go up in company size, you see more specialization. Many companies have a separate dedicated admin for each function: OS admin, DBA, network admin, and SAP Basis admin. As you go further up the scale in size, you'll find those responsibilities spread even thinner: one or more OS admins, SAN admin, one or more DBAs, one or more SAP Basis admins, one or more dedicated SAP Security personelle, etc.

This FREE course connects the dots from very basic concepts to advanced SAP BASIS skills.

Course Content

Chapter 1:   SAP BASIS Introduction

Chapter 2:   SAP System Architecture

Chapter 3:   Clients

Chapter 4:   User Authorization

Chapter 5:   Background Jobs

Chapter 6:   Transport Management System (TMS)

Chapter 7:   Support Packs & Patches

Chapter 8:   SAP System Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Chapter 9:   RFC (Remote Function Call)

Chapter 10:   Data Migration

Chapter 11:   SAP Solution Manager

Chapter 12:   SAP NetWeaver Installation

Chapter 13:   Advanced Concepts

Chapter 14:   SAP Career & Interviews

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