SOCS 350

Cultural Diversity in the Professions


Welcome to SOCS 350 learning space. This learning guide is beneficial for social sciences students who are planning to take "SOCS 350 Cultural Diversity in the Professions" class. Some of the important topics discussed in real class include Cultural issues, beliefs and practices affecting individuals, groups and communities. Our tutorial contains useful tips and relevant downloadable study material to understand this course and secure best grades.

SOCS 350 can be challenging because you’ll have about 3 mini papers (during week 1, week 3 and week 5), essays and then a large research project (6 – 8 pages) in week 7. Essay type and multiple choice questions are included in the quizzes and final exam. You'll have to make posts per week to contribute to each discussion and you should not wait until the end. Our sample study material 'll give you an idea how to go with, so keep up with those and try to get them all out the way early.

For the research project, you have to submit a choice of topic (proposal) during week 2, reference list and outline in week 4, and the final research paper in week 7. Hope our included study material will 'll help you a lot to take the challenging task of project, so don't wait until the last minute to get started on this......Lastly, Week 8 ‘ll be just the final exam.

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